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Supplements a Prescription for Wellness

Ginseng, Ginger. Tumeric, and Maca Root are a powerful combination that can promote digestive and hepatic health. Traditional Eastern Herbal Medicine should always be prescribed by licensed Acupuncture Physician in order for it to be safe and effective. There are also supplements that are prescribed to assist the body with the nutritients that it needs to promote health. AcuMed Wellness's specially cultivated and formulated, high-quality supplements can boost your immune system, optimize your health, reduce inflammation, mitigate health risks and disease, and much more.

Supplements can become a major player in your overall health plan. Many patients are able to work with their PC to reduce prescription drug reliance as their health improves. Gentler and more natural supplements can play a role in this, and are helpful in a host symptoms and pathologies:

  • Cold and flu symptoms, anti-virals

  • Headaches, Joint Pain, Back Pain

  • Sleep Issues

  • Menopause

  • Digestive Health

  • PMS, Menstrual Symptoms, Fertility

  • Thyroid Conditions

  • Overall Immunity

  • Hair Loss, Skin Tone, Anti-Aging

  • And much more.

AcuMed Wellness only stocks the most trusted brands

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