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Herbal Pharmacy

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AcuMed has a small herbal pharmacy stocked with the most commonly used formulas, tinctures, linaments, and plasters for your convenience. Custome formulas can be created and shipped to your home.

Herbal recommendations will be made as part of an Acupuncture or Massage visit as part of your session, and can be picked up during check out. Most items in the pharmacy require a prescription. A few items are available without a prescription such as Evil Bone Water and Beauty Gel.

AcuMed Wellness strives to provide the best healthcare in the safest manner possible. It is incredibly important that you disclose all of your medications and supplements that you are taking to ensure that you do not have an herb drug interaction. These can be very dangerous.

Traditional Eastern Herbal Medicine should always be prescribed by licensed Acupuncture Physician in order for it to be safe and effective.

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