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What is Wei Qi? Immunity??

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), our Wei QI is our first line of

defense against external factors that can lead to illness.

So it makes sense that the stronger, more nourished and resilient your Wei Qi is, the healthier and more resistant you are to external pathogens that can make us sick. Come on in for a tune up and let us check out your Wei Qi!

Supporting your lung health should be at the top of your list, particularly during this world Covid crisis. The good news is that with the help of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine you can begin to make healthy choices to support the health of your Lung Meridian. The Lung Meridian supports your immune response and is often affected by the shift from spring to fall. Navigate a more graceful shift into colder weather by supporting yourself through diet, lifestyle and TCM therapeutic modalities to stay healthy this fall.

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