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What is BEMER? - Acupuncture Health Minute

BioElectroMagnetic Energy Regulation also known as BEMER is a class 2 FDA approved devise used to increase blood flow in the smallest vessels by 29%. The capillaries are the smallest vessels that provide the roadway for blood to service the cells bringing in oxygen and nutrients, and providing waste management.

In chronic conditions inflammation is present. When blood is able to properly service the cells due to proper blood flow inflammation goes down. That means pain, stiffness, and edema go down. BEMER increases profusion of the blood throughout the body. The result is the body's natural ability to heal itself is promoted.

How long does BEMER take to increase blood flow?

Please follow the link to watch a two and a half minute video by Dr. Burka that demonstrates how quickly the effects of BEMER on the blood take effect. The effects of the BEMER do not stop when the treatment is over. There are studies that show the effects last for days afterwards, and the effects BEMER are additive when it is used on a regular basis.

How does BEMER work?

BEMER generates an electromagnetic wave that is similar to the electromagnetic wave of the Earth, so the body is already acclimated. However, the BEMER wave has a resonating type of effect with the blood resulting in 29% increase in flow.

Can BEMER help athletes?

Yes, BEMER is used by athletes to reduce their recovery time. The increase in blood flow helps the muscles to recover more efficiently. BEMER is also used to enhance the body's ability to heal with sports injuries. This translates to being ready to return to play faster.

Can BEMER help me with my aches and pains?

Yes, BEMER will help your body to heal the root cause of the pain by increasing blood profusion throughout the body. This unleashes the body's natural healing ability.

Will I get stuck with a needle in a BEMER treatment?

No, BEMER is not Acupuncture. You can opt to just have a BEMER treatment, or you can have it combined with cupping, massage, Tui Na, Gua Sha, and or Acupuncture. BEMER moves energy and blood. Acupuncture moves energy and blood. Together they work synergistically to give you a truly amazing result.

Can BEMER help me with my health concerns?

I offer a 15 minute free consultation. Please come in, and we can discus if BEMER is right for you. Appointments can be made through the website, by calling, and walk-ins are welcome pending availability.

Dr. KC Hill


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