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Resolutions that Work - Acupuncture Health Minute

A brand new year is here, and it brings new opportunities to make positive life changes that directly affect your health & wealth. This new year will bring a refreshing wave of positive energy to wash away the negative vibrations and challenges of the past two years. It is up to each of us as individuals to grasp ahold of the healing energy and spread it everywhere. Call out the person who does something good-hearted in public. Show gratitude to the cashier at the food store. Go out of your way to say something nice to someone you do not know each day. Let us make 2022 the year of Positives!

As we reflect on years past to see where we were, where we have come, and where we want to go, we develop desires to make personal changes in our lives. Many make New Years Resolutions to eat healthier, work out more, spend time with family, build stronger relationships with friends, and Increase wealth.

We always start out with a lot of momentum and lots of energy being directed into the resolution. But then . . . we fall off the wagon. According to Discover Happy Habits by the end of January, 36% of people that made a New Year Resolution have given up on it. By July, that number climbs to 54%. Over half of the wonderful New Years Resolutions have been ditched midway through the year. By December, less than 10% of people feel that they saw their resolutions through. I would say that this is a problem that needs evaluation.

Common reasons that people fail to see their resolutions through are there are too many, they are too aggressive, poor planning, failing to record progress, or simply forgetting about the resolutions. This is where AcuMed Wellness & Acupuncture can help you keep your New Year Resolutions and make those personal gains that you deserve.

Let's cover the ways that AcuMed can help. We will help you curtail your resolutions down to one or two that will not overwhelm your life. This will increase the chances that your stamina will last the year. We will help you develop a plan and set appointments to check on your progress throughout the year as your accountability partner. At each appointment, we will discuss your resolutions, measure & record your progress or setbacks, and will send you reminders throughout the year. We will create a plan for success no matter what your goals may be.

Many resolutions have to do with changing a habit. We suggest replacing a habit instead of changing it with the addition of acupuncture. Breaking out of a pattern requires breaking a cycle. The body has acclimated itself to the pre-resolution way of life forcing the body and mind to change is complicated. Anything worth doing is difficult; otherwise, everyone would do it. Acupuncture can help open your mind and body to change and have your body working with your goals instead of inhibiting them through cravings, discomfort, and even pain.

No matter if you are tightening your belt to lose weight or save money, we can help you be part of the few that find success with their New Years Resolutions. AcuMed Wellness & Acupuncture also works with several different local companies that will be happy to help you stick to your resolutions from beauty & confidence consultations, junk removal, to wealth management.

Come on out to St Armands Circle to say "Hello" and discover how we can help you make Resolutions that Work. Visit Lido Beach, Vernona Gourmet, and Longboat Key while you are here.

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