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Headaches & Holidays - Acupuncture Health Minute

This time of the year is full of activities, house guests, shopping, cooking, baking, and events to attend. This can induce headaches and trigger migraines. Do not let a headache stop you from enjoying the Season. An Acupuncture Physician can help knock that headache out. So do not keep your "one horse open sleigh" in the barn because a headache is slowing you down. Let me help you get your Holiday "Dash" back on.

Three things that an Acupuncturist can do to help relieve your headache this Christmas are Acupuncture, Injection Therapy, and Herbal Medicine.

Some people choose to reach for an over the counter medicine to treat their headache. This may be a good option for a minor headache that is infrequent. When a minor headache requires medicine more than three times a month it is time to get it checked. It is also good to not that many over the counter pharmaceuticals can cause unwanted side effects. Acupuncture has been shown to effectively reduce or stop headache pain without harmful side effects.

Beyond the simple occasional headache there are many types that can be debilitating: tension, migraine, cluster, sinus infection, hormone based, and rebound. Come to the office prepared to talk about all of your symptoms. Light sensitivity, nausea, better with eating, worse with heat, and dizziness are just a few examples of symptoms I will ask you about. This will lead me to the root cause of your headache, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

At this point some acupuncture points will be selected for your specific headache presentation. This is individualize medicine. One size does not fit all. One protocol is not going to work for all either. Call me today to set up a 15 minute free consultation to discuss your headache.

Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) is a powerful modality in Oriental Medicine. It can be used at acupuncture points or at what is called "Ashi" points (pain points). There are many different medicines that can be used with APIT. Homeopathic and Nutraceutical medicines are effective for reducing pain. Just ask me how when you come in for your consultation. These method works quickly with immediate effects apparent to most patients, and full effects within 24 hours. To top all of this off APIT Only visits are 15 minutes short (not long). So this will not interfere with your busy holiday schedule.

Herbal medicine can be a life savor when it comes to headache management. It can be used in conjunction with Acupuncture and APIT or all by itself. It can be easily carried with you so you have it when you need it. This is a wonderful way to be introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine for people who are a bit timid about needles. Herbal Medicine only visits are 20 minutes and under, and on refill visits the Herbal Consultation fee is waived making this a very economic option. There is not one formula to treat headaches. Stop by the office to say hello and ask me about Herbal Medicine. I look forward to meeting you with.

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